Secure & Free Video Meetings



Meetly is a free video conferencing and video meeting app that allows you to communicate with your friends, family or colleagues with ease.

Meetly uses the free and open-source Jitsi Server in the backend to process and encrypt all the communication between users. Jitsi promises better quality and lower latency.

Meetly allows upto 70 participants in a single meeting. Create a meeting and invite others to join the meeting by sharing the meeting code right from the app. You can also rejoin previous meetings by browsing the meeting history.


  • Easy and secure login using Google or sign up using email authentication.
  • Create meetings and share the meeting code directly from the app.
  • Join meetings easily using the meeting code.
  • Rejoin previous meetings by browsing the meeting history.
  • Password protect your meetings to make your conversations private.
  • Schedule upcoming meetings.
  • Add scheduled meetings directly to your calendar.
  • Upto 70 participants in a single call.
  • Chat with other users during the meeting.
  • Light & Dark theme options.

Use Meetly to quickly and easily connect with others, be it your friends and family or your colleagues while you are working from home.